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It Always Seems
Until It's Done.
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Mandelastream is official reseller of EverestCast who offer Powerful Features for Individual Broadcasters. Join us now and try 30 days free

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Simulcasting to Youtube

It is possible to publish your Live Streaming and TV Station services to YouTube using Everest Cast Pro Live Relay function.

Simulcasting to Facebook

It is possible to publish your Live Streaming and TV Station services to Facebook using Everest Cast Pro Live Relay function.

Drag & Drop File Uploader

For the Audio files upload you don’t have to look for the FTP or SFTP clients you can easily arrange everything with the web interface. Everything managed with Drag & Drop File Uploader.

Powerful Playlist Manager

Completely automate your Audio Streaming Server with our scheduled and powerful playlist manager and Broadcast your Radio Station 24/7.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers.

Web Radio & Live Radio Station Automation

Mandelastream EverestCast Internet Radio Station Service System offers you to create and schedule server side playlists to automate your audio streaming solution like the Real Radio Station.

Player Page and Customise Option

If you doesn’t have any website then directly share the player page to your viewers. For Professional look Easily change the background Image of Player Screen from Broadcaster Dashboard.

FTP Wizard

For uploading and downloading Files for individual streaming account File Transfer Protocol (FTP) auto activated while creating an account. And all uploaded music available in the admin panel Media Manager section schedules their media using EverestCast  advanced playlist scheduling system.

Modern and Mobile Friendly Dashboard

A professional, modern, mobile-friendly admin dashboard for your Radio Broadcasting Management.

Jingle Audio dummy

Jingle Audio feature to allow you to run a playlist inside the current scheduler playlist after X Audio. For example : Play advertising videos every 3 videos in any playlist running in the scheduler.

GeoIP Country Locking

Geo-blocking or geoblocking is technology that restricts access to  Streaming content based upon the user’s geographical location. From Admin you can easily block or unblock the country.

Secure Native & Proxy HTTPS streaming is available on Everest Cast Pro for Streaming Link.

Statistics & Reporting

Analyze your Viewers’ History of different Span of Time; Today, Yesterday, Last 3 Days, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last Month and Custom Date Range.

Website Integration Widgets

For quick implementation in your website get different Widgets Script for your website.

Multilingual Support

Support for Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese languages.

Time Zone

Mandelastream Everest Cast allows you to set up a time zone. Which helps to schedule the playlist as per the time zone.

You got the links to your stream, for transmitting, uploading or Watching to your Channel.

Control Service to Start, Stop and Restart Stream Service

For any issue simple login broadcaster panel using your username and password and easily Stop, Start, Restart your Stream service.

30 days money back guarantee

To prove our confidence in our products, we offer a 100% refund for 30 days - no questions asked!


Ensuring the safety of your data and securing your payment information is for us key importance.

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